Private Services

Private services for letters, reports, examinations and certificates are not part of our NHS contract and therefore are subject to charges. The fee charged reflects not only the time spent but also the legal responsibilities undertaken by the doctor. Our NHS work always comes first. Private services are completed in the doctors’ own time. Consequently, please allow a minimum of 3-4 weeks for completion. If you wish to ask another doctor to complete your report, we can arrange for your medical records to be made available. However, we cannot make recommendations for such a doctor and we cannot be responsible for any fees that may be charged.

Please note, all fees are payable at the time of request and in advance of completing any private medical work. Please be aware the fees are reviewed at regular intervals and are subject to change without notice. All fees are non-refundable.

Private Fees for  Certificates/Forms/Reports/Examinations  2022/23
Accident Report £105
Adoption/Fostering Health Assessment (Form AH/Form AH2) £80/£50
Childminders Form (Ofsted Health Declaration) £95
DNA Testing £50
Driver Report – Fitness to Drive/HGV/Taxi/PSV Full medical examination) £195
Driver’s Report (no examination) £135
Employment – 30 min letter/report £120
Employer’s Medical Examination & Report £195
Letter of Fact Certificate £35
Fitness to Exercise £55
Firearms License £105
Fitness to Attend – School – Examination & Report £105
Fitness to Attend – School – Report Only £70
Fitness for Gym (no examination) £55
Fitness to Travel – Examination & Report £105
Fitness to Travel Certificate Only £40
Insurance Medical Report £105
Insurance Medical Examination & Report £195
Insurance Claim Form £55
Insurer’s Supplementary Report £35
International Certificate of Vaccination £35
Mental Capacity Assessment (at surgery/ home visit required) £150/£210
Pilot Medical Examination & Report £210
Private Prescription £20
Private Sick Note £35
Certificate – Professional Signatory £35
School Exam Exemption Certificate £55
School Fees Insurance Claim £55
Solicitors’ Reports £210
Travel Insurance Cancellation Report £55
Travel – Confirmation of Medication £35
Vaccination Certificate £55
Witnessing Power of Attorney £120
Fees for Work not Listed
Minimum Charge £35
15 mins £55
30 mins £105
45 mins £165
60 mins £210